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Shireen Mirza spends her sick leave in Jaipur


While shooting for her show Yeh Hain Mohabbatein, actress Shireen Mirza recently hurt herself during a dance sequence.

Even though dancing comes naturally to the actress, she sprained her leg during the shoot and is now recovering in Jaipur. The sequence being shot was the one in which the Bhalla family is celebrating one of Simmi (played by Shireen) and Subbus wedding functions.

While everybody was dancing, one of Shireens co-stars slipped and fell on her, which is how she sprained her leg.

Shireen says, "Since I am limping and cant walk properly I thought of taking a couple of days off and fly down to Jaipur. Though Im here only for a short while, I know it will make my mom happy because she was insisting that I visit. Fortunately its nothing serious, just swelling, and I hope I will be fine in a day or two."

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