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Will Ishita find out about the attack on Sooraj?


Ishita is clueless about the attack on Sooraj and to add to her misery, she receives a court order, re-opening Ruhi’s custody case.

The Bhalla and Iyer families are undergoing several problems due to Ashok and Shagun’s behaviour. Mihika is facing a lot of problems and her relationship with Mihir too is beginning to fall apart. Mihika is extremely disheartened.

Raman and Ishita will now face another poignant problem. Raman and Mihir had got into a huge fight at Ruhi’s school and this was witnessed by a judge. The judge will now send a court order to Ishita stating that Ruhi’s custody case will be re-opened.

Ishita is distraught on getting this news and is not able to handle it. She gets very angry with Raman about not informing her of things. But Raman tries to pacify and console her. He assures Ishita that he will not let anyone take their daughter away from them.

Meanwhile Bala really wants to help out Mihika as he cannot see her upset. But Raina refuses to tell Mihika’s truth to the media and public, unless Bala does as she wants. Bala is upset and angry over this.

Will Ishita-Raman lose Ruhi this time? Will Bala give into Raina’s demands?

Will Mihir-Mihika’s relationship disintegrate? To find out, watch ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’,To find out more, Stay Tunned on TV Talks.

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