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“I think Tutu is my prince-charming,” says Panchi


Panchi says, "Titu saved me from the attack of a bull the first time we met and I got lost in his mysterious eyes.

During the first meeting, music began playing in the background and my knight in shining armour rescued me. It was such a sweet gesture and ever since then I have fallen for him.

" Fate has brought Panchi and Titu together several times and she even helped him out. Panchi says, "We are destined to keep running into each other.

First during the report card swapping and then when Titu went to receive the pandit and I went to get my sister's in-laws, due to several misunderstandings we kept meeting. Every time we meet, Titu is so adorable and charming, that I can't help but fall head over heels for him.

" Panchi knows that Titu is a bit lazy but also feels that he is so full of life and can make everyone around him laugh. Panchi adds, "I know that Titu keeps getting into trouble due to his actions. But he has a good heart, is a complete charmer and loves to make people smile.

How can I not fall for someone who has all these qualities? I think he is the perfect guy and is my prince-charming." Panchi is aware that all the village girls in Mathura adore Titu and are trying to get his attention.

She says, "It doesn't matter that all the girls are crazy about Titu, it only shows how sweet he is. And he is not inclined towards any of these girls.

I think my relationship with Titu will grow and I hope that soon he too will reciprocate my feeling

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