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Nisha is fond of her boss, Viraj


Nisha realises that she likes Viraj but she feels that he will never be interested in a girl like her. The Gangwal household is witnessing new problems. Umesh’s relationship with Amanpreet is causing havoc. But Ramesh tells him not to lose heart and encourages Umesh to tell his father about the relationship.

Umesh is scared to tell his father and the elders about his relationship with Aman and that he wants to marry her. He knows they will disapprove. Meanwhile Amanpreet is sad and lonely and decides to take food for Viraj to thank him for supporting her. Viraj is happy to see Aman and treats her like a sister.

Nisha thinks about Viraj and all the times she has spent with him. She realises that she really likes Viraj but she believes that no guy, especially Viraj, will like her. She gets sad on thinking about this. Sourabh knows that his friend Nisha likes Viraj but he warns that he is their boss.

Umesh decides to tell his father about Aman and his relationship. How will Virendra and the rest of the family react? How will Nisha deal with these new feelings for Viraj sir?

To find out, watch ‘Nisha Aur Uske Cousins’ & stay Tuned on TV Talks.

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