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When Roshni set turned into a zoo


For all the curious souls who are trying to figure out what we are up to early this morning, well this piece will surely bring a smile on your face.

To start your week on a jolly good mood, read on the entire piece.

The set of Life OK's newest medical drama Roshni (Pulse Media) has been a place of fun and masti for the cast and crew for sure. But recently with many good souls being present at the set, the place has turned into a safe shelter for many animals.

Want to know more? Hear it from the leading lady of Roshni aka Pooja Gor.

Speaking about the new members present on her set, the talented actor, Pooja, sounded all jovial and shared, "Well we have two cats, Robert and Bhalla, a cute little hummingbird, Smokey, and three puppies on our set. And each one of them are very much loved and pampered by the all of us".

Pooja added candidly, "While the baby hummingbird, Smokey, was a guest in our accounts room, two cats, Robert and Bhalla were present on the set for some times. One of the production guys found Smokey in the accounts room and we started taking care of her. But now the little one has been sent o to Raghuvir (Yadav) ji's farm house for better care and attention. And initially we had six puppies on the set, but with Divya ma'am and others help, three of them have been adopted and have found new home. And the rest three, whom we have named Doodle, Nick and Roshni is getting spoiled with our love".

So, how did you come up with such unique names? And the beauty with brains quipped, "I love giving unusual names to anyone. And since the duo Robert and Bhalla are always spotted together, I couldn't think of any better names. And as for the canines are concerned with three of us doing so much fun on screen, they are our perfect namesake I believe".

Well said lady!!! Even we send our love to the new team members of Roshni.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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