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Amba to reveal Disha’ Pregnancy in Wedding,RV blames himself


In coming episodes of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi,After the high end drama of Amba and Ishaani about trying to prove her mentally unstable,now time for another High end drama in the show.

Soon Disha’s wedding ceremony will take place where Amba will Reveal to everyone in the wedding.As per Ishaani,Disha told her that she shared about her pregnancy to Manas which is not truth.

Amba gets the doctor who knows about Disha’s pregnancy and reveals to everyone about this shocking all,Disha has no choice and is taken back with the announcement.

While RV will not care of anything and just watches them while Amba reveals how one sister is ruining his son by having affair with ex lover and another is Pregnant before marriage.Manas is shocked and gets up.

Falguni gets shocked that Ishaani too knows tha truth and slaps Disha and RV leaves seeing this Drama and he reveals to all that he sent Rishi to spoil Disha’s life to take Revenge,when Manas gets shocked to hear and feels Disha was just trapped in RV & Rishi’s game and so he agrees to marry her even after knowing she is pregnant.

RV blames helself and indirectly helps Ishaani’s family,while Ishaani is sure that RV will never do that.While Viewers will try to see some romantic moments where Ishaani will try to get intimate with Ranvi and he pushes her aside,not only that Ishaani purposely wears Saree reverse in Disha’s wedding and Ranvi hides it for her.

Well will the Parekh family blame RV for everything? Will Amba understand that Rv is indirectly helping Ishaani?

Do keep up the space for more updates.

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