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Viraj tells Nisha she should control her emotions


Viraj learns of the prank that Priyanka has pulled on Nisha. He calls Nisha and then asks Priyanka to apologise to her. Priyanka gets annoyed but does as he says. Nisha makes it clear to Priyanka that she will not let anybody bully her and will not spare her.

Viraj tried to make Nisha understand that it is necessary to control our emotions. He tells her that we should not let anybody coax us into an impulsive response. He realises that something is bothering Nisha and asks her to talk to the psychologist Shekhar.

Priyanka’s mother and Viraj’s bua gets upset with him for making her daughter apologise to the employee. Viraj and buaji get into a tiff and she tells him that it is because of his behaviour he is alone. Viraj feels extremely hurt with this remark.

Meanwhile things are going terribly in the Gangwal house too. Umesh’s dad is still unwell and his mother is upset with him. Aman is secretly working as the maid in the house.

What will happen when the family learns Aman’s true identity? Will Nisha be able to overcome her struggles at work? To find out, Stay tuned on TV Talks.

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