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Ayesha to now exploit Samar in Life OK's Dream Girl


Life OK's show Dream Girl (Shashi Sumeet Productions) has been churning out quite an interesting revenge drama between Lakshmi (Nikita Dutta) and Ayesha (Shraddha Arya).

And now what we hear is that the revenge tale is about to take a new turn with Ayesha banking on Samar's jealousy.

Lakshmi, who has taken a new disguise as Naina to seek vengeance from Ayesha will try to maintain a distance from Samar (Mohsin Khan), so that she doesn't become weak, and end up confessing her truth. And to continue her game she will also seek help from a friend, who will be seen aiding her.

A source shared, "Samar, who is having difficulty to believe that Naina is not Lakshmi will become jealous upon seeing Naina close with her male friend. And a jealous Samar will break his car upon seeing them together. And Ayesha will try to exploit Samar's jealousy against Lakshmi. In order to reveal Lakshmi's truth, Ayesha will text her from Samar's phone to create misunderstanding between the duo".

Fortunately Lakshmi will not fall prey to Ayesha's trap. But, due to Samar's envious nature, he will try to harm Lakshmi's friend. And Ayesha will be the one influencing Samar to commit such acts.

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