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Mishal Raheja's take on love


Television heartthrob, Mishal Raheja, is surely one sexy man, whom many women would love to date. Isn't it?

But ever gave a thought about Mishal's choice of partner? And why haven't we have heard of him dating someone yet?

Well we did.

Hence, when we met him at an event recently, we quickly quizzed him about which type of women would he like to have as his life partner.

And the man's answer surely left us super impressed.

Want to know, what he has to say? Browse through the story.

Mishal commented, "Firstly I would like say that there cannot be any specific 'type' of girls. All are different and what matters the most is how much your partner is compatible with you.

In all relationships compatibility, mutual understanding and respect is much needed. And if you ask me what qualities I will look in my partner, then my answer will be very simple. It should be the urge of spending time with that person, speaking to her, sharing your thoughts with your partner is something that will guide my emotions. Once that feeling comes from inside for a girl, nothing else would matter for me".

Wow, such a deep and compassionate thought!!!

Well Mishal, you win thumbs up from our side, not only for your acting skills but also for your notion of love and partner.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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