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If Helly Shah had a guilt free day...


Imagine readers, if you get the chance of spending one guilt free day. A day when you get the permission of doing anything and everything.

Aha, even the mere thought of such day brings a smile on your face, isn't it readers?

Don't worry same happens with us as well.

And so is the reaction of the pretty and chirpy little star Helly Shah's.

Though we chatted with her over phone, her excited tone was the proof of how glad she was with the idea of having such a day.

So, Helly, what will you do if you have a chance like this?

And the happy go lucky lady shared, "My world revolves round food and I always hog over food. So, if I have such a chance then the first thing I would do is to eat lot of things. And since it will be a guilt free day I don't have to be concerned about my weight and pimples that I might have after consuming certain foods".

So, anything special you would like to salivate over? Helly quipped, "Oh yes, every kind of sweet dish, jalebi, rabdi, julabjamun and the list continue."

Before signing off the lady also mentioned that she would also love to go on a shopping spree as well, without thinking about the budget.

We guess that one is every girls dream Helly!!!

Source (Tellychakkar)

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