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Kashmira Irani turns 'Fashion Police'


Well Kashmira Irani not just creates magic on screen with her style and beauty, but she is also classy and fashionista in real life.

Tvtalks.in recently caught up with the girl and grilled her for a challenging task.

"What if you were to be a fashion police, what three styles would you ban," we asked Kashmira.

After a long thought, the girl shared some faux pas that one should never make...

Wearing animal leather products are a complete no-no. Not just it showcases cruelty on human, but it also doesn't suit people usually.
Inappropriate body piercing looks really cheap and should be avoided at all cost.
And finally coloured lenses! It's important to see the real eyes of the person. Eyes are the windows to our soul, so why fake it with a curtain.

Wohooo! We must say girl you are a true rock star when it comes to fashion.

So guys and girls, utilise the tips from Kashmira and set your own trend!

Source (Tellychakkar)

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