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Bigg Boss 9: You cannot miss these INSIDE PICS of Salman Khan’s show!


This is how the Bigg Boss house will look this year! Leave everything and check them out right away…

Just 2 more days to go for the much awaited premiere of Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 9. The controversial reality show is back with its ninth season and we are as excited as you are. While the final list of contestants is already doing the rounds. We now have something even BIGGER to show you and trust me, you are going to be totally awestruck looking at these pictures. It's the Bigg Boss 9 house, just for you guys…check it out in the above gallery..

Given that this year's theme is going to be all about 'Double Trouble', the house has been done accordingly. Right from twin chairs to double beds, the contestants are constantly going to be left in two's. Will they be tied up together? Well, if the promos are anything to go by then looks like yes! And the pictures are proving just that. In fact, another interesting thing that we have noticed from these pictures is the colours painted on different walls. If one corner is all red, the other looks all blue. Also, there are not many mirrors, unlike what we used to see in the previous seasons of Bigg Boss. The theme has left us really very intrigued.

Check out these pictures and tell us what else do you get to notice in this fascinating Bigg Boss house and do stay tuned to Tvtalks for more updates on Bigg Boss 9!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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