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I am simple NO night life in my life: Dinesh Mehta


1. When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?
Answer: I was in the 4th standard and in a school function I had played A role of Mahatma Gandhi

2. Do you prefer acting for film or serials?
Answer: Films

3. What has being your favourite role as far?
Answer: Diya aur Bati Someshwar Pawar (star plus)

4. What role would you love to play that you haven't played yet?
Answer: Alpachino in Scarface (Movie)

5. What have you been working for recently?
Answer: Dharamshetra for epic channel And some episode IC serial Like Sawdhaan India. ..Shapath...Hallabol
Singasan Batisi As a villain Dharamshetra I am playing BHEEM

6. What show are you playing next?
Answer: Now I am looking for movie

7. Have you ever forgotten your lines during your performance? What happened??
Answer: No...I am good with sharp memories, People always praising for me for this talent.

8. What is the best part of being a actor??
Answer: Actor...we r doing many life’s with different characters
If we r common man we r only doing single life...But as a actor...We have many life’s. We Live with many character.

9. And what is the worst part of being an actor?
Answer: When I am doing villain role... some people don't like me
And some time in serial we r doing continue shooting 24 or 36 hour

10. Tell me something about your coming episode on Sunday??
Answer: I am playing Rajasthani landlord...like gaoon ka gunda...jo logo ki jameen haitya ke ...uspe factory lagana chahta hein...Fir chahe usske liye kuch bhi karna pade

11. Tell me something about your personal life?
Answer: I am simple...If m not shooting all the time at home...no night life.Or party...Maybe m boring...I spend time with books watching movies
I love adventure. .driving Singing Listening music

12. And if u want to date any actress who would be that??
Answer: Katrina Kaif

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