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Karishma-Upen Kiss? Ya it's true!


Karishma and Upen are the latest love birds in the house and this is no secret for either the audience or the housemates now! You wouldn’t find the couple leaving each other and very cutely holding the hands all the time. It’s getting very confusing as Karishma had been repeatedly saying since the beginning of the season that she was into a committed relationship. But ever since Upen, who came back in the house more likely for Karishma (what it looks like), Karishma is seen around him. In fact, they are seriously getting closer, and don’t even bother whether they have somebody around or not.

This morning, Sambhavna asked KT directly, if they both were really serious for each other or were doing this for the camera? Karishma blushed and responded saying Upen wasn’t her type! And they were just having some good time in the house. Upen and Pritam, who were sitting there too, surrounded Karishma and started questioning her even more. I had no clue what was on KT’s mind as she refused to give clear answers. Upen had already given a green signal but has been keenly awaiting a response from her end. Initially, KT was blunt in saying no but now she isn’t even denying! Ahem Ahem!! Sambhavna said that Upen truly loved her and if she felt the same she should speak out as Upen looked quite serious about her. Karishma in the end said, there was still more time, once she comes out of the house she would decide on that, until then she was very happy with what kind of rapport and bond the two shared with each other.


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