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Humsafars: Will Sahir regret marrying Arzoo?


Arzoo has changed and it is not for the good
In the recent episode of Humsafars, we saw how Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) married Sahir (Harshad Chopda), but she was not happy about it. Arzoo vowed to change herself and become a different person in life. She gave up on love and decided to move with the world after being heartbroken.

The new Arzoo came as a big shock to everyone in the family. She forgot how to laugh, be happy and be simple. Arzoo, in the upcoming episodes, will be seen as money minded business woman, whose only motive in life will be to expand her empire and be successful at any cost.

This new avatar will shock Sahir and he will be extremely upset that the girl he fell in love with has changed. He will try his level best to be supportive, but Arzoo’s snappy behaviour and desperation for money will disgust Sahir. But it is entirely Sahir’s doing and he will constantly keep blaming himself and his circumstances.

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