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27 Sep 2014


Dare 2 Dance 7

In this episode, the dance floor itself is the prop for the contenders. Emilie performs aerial silk act at a height of 40 feet from sea level. Rithvik does an aerial act and uses an aluminium cube in his performance.

Akshay Kumar takes Emilie's audition. Sayantani performs cabaret in a cage. Karan fails to impress the judges with his unique spike wall. Amar uses Saturn's rings as his prop, performing 40 feet above sea level. He accepts Akshay Kumar's double dare and jumps into the sea.

Who is going to get eliminated this week? To know more, keep watching Dare 2 Dance on Life Ok... A deadly combination of the Bollywood action hero Akshay Kumar and never-seen-before daring dance performances by the contestants is on your way! 'Jiski life mein dare nahin , uski khair nahin...' 'D2D' will challenge the trained dancers to prove their talent in adverse conditions. They might be asked to dance on ice or at a height of 6000 feet. The level of dare would be increased from level 1 to level 6.


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