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savdhaan india - india fights back season 3



17 Aug 2014


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Captain Vikram and his team are posted at the border. The army of the neighbouring country, led by Qasim Khan, conspire and capture Vikram and his colleagues.

They torture them and try to obtain secret information, but in vain. Vikram finds his father, Major Mahendra, locked in the enemy's prison, who is missing since 15 years. Vikram's team members are martyred. Vikram and Mahendra escape from the enemy's lair.

Qasim follows them. However, he ends up being captured by the Indian army. Keep watching Savdhaan India - India Fights Back 2 on Life Ok... A show that focuses on India's fight for justice against shocking real-life crime cases which will thrill you with an underlying message that this might happen to you, and hence you should be aware of your surroundings.

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