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savdhaan india - india fights back season 3



23 Aug 2014


savdhaan india - india fights back season 3 818

Rajiv urges Karan to get intimate with his wife, Deepika. He makes a video of Karan and Deepika. Rajiv and Deepika blackmail Karan.

Karan confesses to his wife, Aparna, about his misdeed. Aparna arranges for the money. Karan is shot dead. Rajiv and Deepika deny killing Karan, and reveal about his involvement in the conspiracy.

An associate of Aparna's father, Aakash, is found guilty. Aakash confesses to killing Karan as he wanted to marry Aparna, and inherit her father's political dominance. Keep watching Savdhaan India - India Fights Back 2 on Life Ok...

A show that focuses on India's fight for justice against shocking real-life crime cases which will thrill you with an underlying message that this might happen to you, and hence, you should be aware of your surroundings

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