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Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah



07 Mar 2015


Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah 1

At the start of the episode of this new show 'Killer Karaoke', Krishna welcomes his guests for the evening Karan and Ankit followed by Pratyusha and Jai.

He further welcomes Asha and Aishwarya. Krishna further divides the six of them into teams. Krishna states out the rules. Krishna tells his participants that they will have to sing at a stretch for two minutes and entertain the 'janta' aka audience of the show.

What drama is to unfold in the show? Will the contestants be able to come across all the hurdles? Stay tuned.Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah will feature contestants singing in front of a live studio audience.

What is so different about this format, you wonder? Well, the show is not about how in sync are you with your sur and taal, but how long you can continue with NON-STOP singing! With various unexpected distractions and twists thrown at the contestants and Krushna Abhishek spicing it up as the 'instigating' host, entertainment just gets crazy with this show.


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