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Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah



25 Apr 2015


Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah 15

Welcome to another episode of sheer madness on the sets of Killerr Karaoke. Killerrr Karaoke is an entertainment based game show that features contestants aiming to sing before a live studio audience while numerous attempts are made to disrupt their performance.

The show that is being hosted by comedian Krushna Abhishek, guarantees full on comedy and entertainment. In today's interesting episode, we have six contestants from various television shows that are telecasted on the 'And' channel. They will be seen creating nothing less than madness here.

Today's guests for the show go through innumerable challenges that test their patience and ability to bear. The contestants today include Manish, Chaitanya and Aarti on team 'A', while we have Kamya Punjabi, Gaurav and Soni Singh on team 'B', who hail from various television shows including Begusarai, Gangaa and Bhaghyalakshmi. These contestants are seen rejoicing to glory while they sing to gain the winner's title.

Watch this entertaining, fun-filled episode of Killerrr Karaoke that will have you jumping on your seats with excitement. Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah will feature contestants singing in front of a live studio audience. What is so different about this format, you wonder? Well, the show is not about how in sync are you with your sur and taal, but how long you can continue with NON-STOP singing! With various unexpected distractions and twists thrown at the contestants and Krushna Abhishek spicing it up as the 'instigating' host, entertainment just gets crazy with this show


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