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Jul 2018 -

Hindi Star Plus


The story revolves around a 200 year old life-force sucking humanoid creature called Daayan identical to a vampire, Mohana (Antara Biswas) kills people to steal their age (vitality / life force) which keeps her young and beautiful. In 1997, she enchants Mridul (Ankur Nayyar) who becomes captivated by her surreal beauty. They marry and have two children, Ansh and Kajal, after which Mohana kills Mridul. Divya (Smita Bansal), a psychical monster hunter and a friend of Mridul's sister-in-law (i.e. Mridul's elder brother Shekhar (Amit Kaushik)'s wife), Vedashree (Ritu Chaudhary), comes to help Mridul's bedevilled family and ward off the evil eye. They pursue Mohana into the woods along with a mob of villagers holding torches. Once cornered, Mohana was set on fire which turns her into stone. But as Mohana is a unique and very powerful Daayan, her evil eye (nazar) still lurks on the family. Veidashree adopts Ansh and Kajal.