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Jun 2018 -

Hindi Colors


Season 1 The program is based on that real fear, experienced by people in haunted places.
Season 2The story starts with a battle of the Daityas and the Puranas because the Daityas wanted to open the door hell and take a mystery knife to kill the Puranas. The Daityas include Diti, and her sons, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, and the Puranas include Hiranyakashipu's son, Prahlad, and his teacher, Anandi. Anandi and Prahlad are the devotees of Lord Vishnu. In the battle, Hiranyaksha dies at the hands of Vishnu, and Diti prophesies that he will reincarnate. Later, a child named Yatin Chaudhary is born and is revealed to be Hiranyaksha's reincarnation.