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Jan 2019 -

Hindi Zee TV


Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (English: Because Of Your Arrival) is an Indian soap opera which premiered on 15 January 2018 on Zee TV. The series is produced by the production house Bodhi Tree Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. It stars Karan Jotwani and Suhasi Dhami. The show marks the comeback of Suhasi Dhami after a three year break from television.
Sahil Agarwal is a 24-year old kind-hearted heir of the Agarwal Gold Industry in Kanpur who falls for 42-year old Vedika Mathur, a conservative, independent widow who has a daughter, Arya Mathur. As Sahil pursues Vedika, she is conflicted because of family opposition and social protocol that frowns upon a possible relationship between them. The strong-minded matriarch of the Agarwal family, Bimla "Badi Amma" Agarwal who is also Sahil's aunt, is vehemently against Vedika. Though they are about to be married, Vedika replaces herself with a young woman named Nidhi and tricks Sahil into marrying Nidhi who has his family's approval. This devastates Sahil but he continues to openly express his love for Vedika and refuses to accept Nidhi as his wife. He also starts to hate his Badi Amma for cheating him. Nidhi is a cunning gold digger who only wants the Agarwals' wealth. Rejected by Sahil, she sleeps with his best friend Karan when he is drunk and becomes pregnant. She claims the child is Sahil's who is forced to accept this as fact.