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Sep 2015 - Present

Hindi Zindagi TV


Adını Feriha Koydum is a Turkish television drama series produced by Med Yapım. The series is about a young, beautiful girl named Feriha, who belongs to a lower middle class family. Her father Rıza Yılmaz is a janitor in a Etiler, which is an upper-class neighbourhood of Istanbul. Her mother Zehra Yılmaz is a housekeeper. Feriha was able to get a full scholarship into a private university. Ever since her first day there, she feigns being a rich girl who is a daughter of a very wealthy father. There she meets a handsome and rich boy called Emir Sarrafoğlu. Feriha lies about her whole life and background and Emir falls in love with her not knowing the reality about her. Unfortunately, she too falls in love with him and is eventually trapped in her own lies. How long will she be able to hide the truth?
Show Time : Mon-Sat 7:00 PM

Cast & Crew