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Oct 2015 - Present

Hindi MTV India


The Big F is a show about firsts. That thrill you felt the first time you saw someone across a room, or across the Third AC compartment of an Indian Railways’ train, the perfectly cinematic spot for serendipitous encounters, or even across a smartphone screen as you lay lonely in a strange city.

What is the first exactly, though? First love? Maybe. Or maybe the first time you got a sudden stroke of luck leading to a fleeting moment of passion with someone way out of your league, a fantasy suddenly in your reach, maybe even a secret affair. These are stories of underdogs - underdogs who find themselves in a situation where this fantasy, something they always thought was unattainable is suddenly within their reach. An adventure where they end up sharing a moment with the sort of people they could never imagine - The Hotshot Businessman, The Sports Hero, The Diva Actress. The Big F is a show about these ordinary young women and men having an extraordinary experience and in the process discovering or changing something about themselves - from something as simple as having the courage to walk up to the girl they always had a crush on, to the life changing decision of standing up to orthodox parents and refusing to get married just because they’re expected to. All in all, a moment in which they were so truly alive that they would never forget it.