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Nov 2015 - Present

Hindi & Tv


‘Adhuri Kahaani Humari’is a show that deals with the idea of rebirth for the sake of love. The female protagonist of the show is a young girl Manasvini aka Manu, who is killed by an ‘Icchadhari Naagin’ (Shape Changing Snake) at the age of 13. Maya is the ‘Icchadhari Naagin’, who kills Manu in the haste of jealously. Maya is jealous of Prince Maadhav’s attention towards Manu and in order to take Manu’s place in Maadhav’s life, Maya kills her. Years later Manasvini’s soul returns as Radhika, who is a film making student. Radhika lands up in Narayanpuri, where the ancient Garuda Temple is located. During this journey, Radhika comes in terms with her past life as Manasvini and some intriguing secrets are revealed to her about Manasvini, Maadhav and Maya’s relationship. Will Radhika get her love back, the love that she lost as Manu? Will Manu get her revenge, from Maya? Will love transcend all hurdles, religion, dharma and even DEATH? To find out stay tuned to &TV’s new show, ‘Adhuri Kahaani Humari’, Starting 16th Nov, Mon-Fri, 7:30PM.