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Jan 2017 -

Hindi Colors


Parth Bhanushali, the protagonist is the grandson of the rich Bhanushali Gujarati Family. The rich cultural and traditions have knitted the family close for generations. Parth meets Shorvari, a simple Bengali girl in his office and falls in love with her. The Bhanushali family is strictly against this love knot and refused to accept Shorvari is from the different caste. Since Parth could not quit his promise to Shorvari, they both marry against the Bhanushali family's will. Fast forward 2 years laters, Parth and Shorvari are married and living the same Bhanushali property but still separated from their close family like mother, father, sister, cousins. Parth's family has refused to accept his wife shorvari even after 2 years of marriage they tell them to leave the house.They both are madly in love with each other.While they were on their route to the aiport,they have and minor accident which leads them back to the bhanushali house.They get to know that shorvari is pregnant with parth's child and dadaji allows them to stay in the house till the baby is born. Shorvari slips down the stairs and falls unconsious.The doctor tells them that they lost their child.They try to concieve but still no use.Then they come to know that shorvari is infertile.meanwhile teni a girl which was a dancing inappropriate at Parth house stops everyone in the street and Parth recognises her and confronts her and she begs him for modeling job he ignores her and gets a call telling him to come home for shorvani sake and all above happens after this.