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Oct 2016 -

Hindi Sony


Saanjh and Arjun are childhood friends. Saanjh secretly loves Arjun; her love driven by selflessness and purity. Their families get along well too. Saanjh handles a case regarding Maya's company. Maya is a really big business woman and Maya is extremely terrified of her father due to a dark history of violence. Arjun starts to work under Maya company as photographer. One fine day Arjun catches Ashwin troubling her. He saves Maya from her father and warns him to stay away from her as she is not alone. Witnessing Arjun taking a stand for her, she starts to develop feelings for him. Though initially denying, Maya gradually falls head over heels in love with Arjun; and love for him is unconditional. The only thing she wishes in her life is Arjun and cannot tolerate his proximity to any other woman. Seeing Saanjh getting close to Arjun she indirectly tells her that she loves him and threatens her for crossing her limits and warn her that she stays away from Arjun. Show takes a turn as Arjun proposes Maya and she accepts it. They plan to get married very soon but faces many bad omens. On the day of wedding, Maya's father dies at the mandap along with it catching fire. But, Maya being adamant on marrying Arjun gets married as per rituals. During this time Arjun's mother refuses to accept her as she consider's Maya as bad omen. Maya and Arjun tries to get past their problems together.