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Jan 2017 -

Hindi life ok


The show starts with kidnapping of a girl named Rashmi from a moving train, and then bringing her to Berahampur, later marrying her to the youngest son of Chaudhary Bhishma Pratap, after Veer, second younger son of Chaudhary Bhishma Pratap, tortures her and makes her mute using charcoal. Her fiancé Raghav, an STS army commander with troop attacks them, but Veer's slave, Rangeela saves them. In the next day he is sent to meet the minister in Delhi, on the way he meets Shivani. Rangeela follows her in the hospital where she came for treatment of her uncle. On the very next morning he is commanded to find a bride for Veer, he recommends Shivani as the perfect bride for Veer. Depending on the astrologer's predictions, Bhishma Pratap orders Rangeela to marry her first, and then bring her to Berahampur to marry Veer. Rangeela marries Shivani. Shivani is also tortured after her marriage to Veer in Berahampur. She is not ready to accept Veer as her husband and regards Rangeela as her husband, however Rangeela tells her to forget the marriage with him as it was just a lie. Shivani learns that Veer would not harm her badly anymore or even try to kill her. According to astrologer, the wife of Veer has to be alive.