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Feb 2017 -

Hindi Star Plus


Geetanjali, nicknamed "Gaura," belongs to a royal family. She is newly-married to Captain Abhimanyu. Her life of wedded bliss turns upside down when she learns that Abhimanyu's car has met with an accident and his body is missing. Six years later, Gaura still believes her husband is alive while the rest of the family has moved on. Despite his body never having been found, Abhimanyu is officially declared dead. Seeing as Gaura is neither really married nor really widowed, her stepmother and Rishab, her blind but strong-willed older brother, want her to marry Rajveer, her childhood friend, hoping he will help her move on. However, Gaura constantly gets signs that Abhimanyu is around her, like hearing his voice and seeing dreams of him. When these signs turn into full-blown paranormal events, Gaura must figure out what the truth is and what really happened to her husband.