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Aug 2016 -

Hindi Sony


The show is set in Jaipur. The Sethiyas have a son called Aryan and Mithals have a daughter called Saanchi. The families are in search of a perfect groom/bride for their respective children. Panditji shows the families Aryan and Saanchis pics. Then both the families travel to Jaisalmer for a wedding. There they decide to meet. At first Aryan and Saanchi hate each other but eventually get along well. They slowly fall in love. Saanchi and Aryans families travel back to Jaipur where Aryan and Saanchi start meeting. But, there is a twist in the tale. The Sethiyas are nearing bankruptcy and thus they break Saanchi and Aryans alliance. But, the Mithals give them enough money by which they rose again and Aryan and Saanchi's wedding is fixed. Now, when the marriage is fixed. Everyone is happy. But soon a twist enrolls and a misunderstanding is created amidst Sethia and Mittals.