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Apr 2017 -

Hindi Zee TV


Piya Albela is a daily soap by Rajshri Productions telecasted on Zee tv. It is the love story of Vishwamitra and Menaka. It is about a young man Naren who has fond interest in nature and helping out people.However his business family will want him to be a part of the ancestral business. At this juncture a young girl, Pooja enters who changes his life and in due the things around him This is a story about a spiritually inclined boy whose life changes when he meets a social bird, Pooja. Pooja is a graceful dancer who has many friends and has been voted the best student in college. There she meets Naren's parents who decide to take Pooja to bring back Naren to the real world. Pooja initially declines the job but is later forced to when her uncle's house is going to be sold. Everyone has been told in the house that Pooja is Supriya's ( Naren's mom)helper just to hide the truth. However Neelima (Naren's aunt) gets suspicious and asks Rahul, her son to find out the real truth. Pooja initially had a rocky start with Naren. The story goes through them going to different places where she buys a knife in a temple. One day theyhave to go to another temple where Naren pushes her into water thus making her hate him more. It starts to rain and they go to Naren's bungalow. There Naren's brothers , Rahul and Mayank come to celebrate Mayank's birthday. Someone switches off the lights and Pooja is misbehaved with. She out of anger thinks it is Naren and goes back home leaving the job. She then calls his father and tells she has resigned. He comes to her house to find the reason where she tells she was misbehaved with that night. His dad asks who did it. She replies Naren. Out of anger he challenges her to prove that Naren misbehaved with her and if she cant prove he is going to make her life horrible