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Dec 2014 - Oct 2014

Hindi Zee TV


Pavitra Rishta is the love story and marriage of a couple, Manav and Archana, and their families in Mumbai. After a generation leap of 20 years, the story focuses on their daughter ovi and adopted daughter Purvi (asha negi )who falls in love with and is married to Manav's friend and business partner Digvijay Kirloskar's son Arjun Kirloskar thus showing a triangle love also focuses on how archana and manav find their long lost son and reform him. The show takes a generation leap of 20 years yet again and focuses on Archana and Manav's granddaughter Ankita who is married to Naren Karmarkarwho lives ahaana aka pari purvis and arjuns daughter again showing a live triangle. At the end of the show, Archana and Manav die, and this shows that their Pavitra rishta continues in Heaven.