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Dec 2016 -

Hindi Colors


This show is set in the picturesque city of Bundi, Rajasthan. After graduating from their universities, the two sisters (Meghna and Naina) have returned to their hometown Bundi to pursue their high-paying engineering jobs. Their mother Sharda is a school teacher in a public school and the sisters live with their uncle and aunts,They stays together as joint family. Many suitors and potential grooms come to ask for Sharda's older daughter Meghna's hand in marriage but put forth one condition; that Meghna should quit her job after marriage. Sharda and Meghna deny each offer since Sharda wants both her daughters to continue their jobs after marriage. After rejecting many proposals, Sharda decides to go search for the perfect grooms for her daughters herself. She hears that the Chauhan family in Jaipur has a son named Kunal, that has finished his studies and has also returned home to Rajasthan to help run the family company, that is near Meghna's age. Sharda decides to go to Jaipur to meet with the Chauhan family to talk to them about Meghna's and Kunal's alliance. Meanwhile, Meghna keeps getting phone calls from a person who she has named "Mr. Wrong Number." Sharda finally meets with Sujan Singh Chauhan, the eldest member of the Chauhan family (Kunal's grandfather) and accepts to formally meet their family, where they decide to get Meghna and Kunal married. Later it is revealed that the person named "Mr. Wrong Number" in Meghna's contact list is in fact Kunal, and that Meghna and Kunal used to date back when they were studying in the same college. After finding out that their marriage has been confirmed by both families, they fall in love again. However during the pre-wedding ceremonies (engagement, mehendi, sangeet) Nand Kishore Chauhan (Kunal's father) demand things that are hard/expensive to fulfil for Sharda such as having the wedding at a 5-star hotel, high-end brands for clothes and jewelry. Meghna's younger sister Naina, is seen butting horns and getting into petty arguements with Kunal's younger brother Karan. Moreover, Nand-Kishore Chauhan resorts to being incredibly rude to the bride's family during the wedding. When the wedding day arrives, Meghna's cousin brother is scolded for serving alcohol to the wedding guests, even though he was asked to do so by Nand-Kishore. As a result Meghna's aunt is angry at Nand Kishore for scolding her son and remarks that whoever will be married into the Chauhan family will be doomed. After hearing what Meghna's and Naina's aunt had to say, Nand Kishore keeps a condition that he will only accept Meghna as his daughter-in-law if her younger sister Naina marries his younger son Karan. Hearing this, Sharda is forced on her knees to beg for forgiveness to Nand Kishore. In order to save her sister's marriage, Naina agrees to his condition. Meghna vows to get revenge from the Chauhan family after seeing Nand Kishore's true colors. Now both Meghna and Naina enter the Chauhan with their respective intentions; Meghna with the aim to destroy the swabhiman (self-respect) of the Chauhan family and on the other hand Naina who aims to value family relationships above her swabhiman.Thus, these sisters begin their challenging journey in the Chauhan Household . Karan and Naina soon become friends as Naina always supports and helps him . It is also revealed that Sandhya has some evil plans. She is responsible for Karan conditions. He has some rare skin disease.now, sandhya and Nand Kishore are trying to show Sharda characterless by clicking her and CM's photos and making it viral