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May 2017 -

Hindi SAB TV


Chidiya Ghar is a sitcom show which airs Monday through Friday at 9 pm on SAB TV. Although this show has received negative reviews from critics, it has been a hit amongst the TRP Chart since the day of its launch. Chidiya Ghar is a house named after Mrs. Chidiya Kesari Narayan, late wife of retired principal, Shri Kesari Narayan. The story is about Kesari, his three sons, Ghotak and Gomukh their respective wives, Koyal and Mayuri, younger son Kapi and his wife Chuhiya, grandchildren Gillu, Gamini, daughter Maina, son-in-law Totaram, sister Bulla, servant Gadha Prasad, his wife and brother Mendak Prasad. Their names resemble animals and each individual bears some animal's characteristic and Kesari always teaches them a lesson being helpful in the future, after passing the problems of the same lessons .There colony was also named "Chidiya Ghar". It consists of Dimak Chacha, Girgit mausi, his husband Bhed Vajpayee, their daughter Titli, her lover Tommy and his friend Puppy.